F9 Distribution UAB is a leading distributor of IT and home electronics in the Baltics. We are constantly expanding our business and seeking new talent to enhance our growing team. Join us!

Here is information about current vacancies in our company:

Current Vacancies:

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with us at F9. Our current vacancies can be found below.

Unfortunately, no positions are available at the moment. Please check back with us again later!

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Our recruitment needs are constantly evolving as we grow our business. Please send us your application and we will be in touch with you as soon as a new position suitable for you becomes available.

F9 Distribution Baltic team values:

"Can-do" attitude

Every new day brings new opportunities

The cornerstone of successful relationship: trust and responsibility

No one is left behind

F9 Distribution Baltic team members have :

integrity and demonstrate proven reliability

are committed to shared objectives

value accuracy and excellent service

a genuine interest (in helping clients)

show initiative in everything they do

Meet the F9 team

If you are looking for a global, dynamic environment that will allow you to freely develop your own career while striving for excellence in everything you do, please join us! Our focused, driven team supports open-minded, proactive employees that seek new ways of doing things. Our team is made up of highly experienced experts and specialists in IT, customer service and logistics, but we always welcome new graduates and employees who are just starting off in their careers.

F9 Distribution Baltic is the ideal place for ambitious talent to prosper and develop - check out stories of our team members:

Vadims, F9 Latvia

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Vadims is the Business Development Director in Latvia, and has been with the company since February 2015, as one of our first employees.

"I started out as a business manager dealing with growth-related targets and challenges, managing various aspects of the business from communications, to logistics, finance, and marketing. Growing with the company, I was promoted to business development manager. I enjoy my work here, it's a fun place to be - even when things gets tough. As our company philosophy promotes a flexible approach, our communication style and open mindset means that even the biggest challenges can be accomplished - and that's an interesting way for me to work, to find an innovative way to resolve problems. Actually, before this I had been teaching e-marketing at Business Academy Turiba, so F9 was a really great fit allowing me to put my practical knowledge directly into use.

The best lesson I've learned at F9? Open-mindedness - every situation has its own unique solution.

Are you passionate about developing your career? F9 is the perfect place to work creatively, and with possibility to find appropriate solutions thinking flexibly."

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Māris, F9 Latvia

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Māris is F9's retail manager. Having studied at the Maritime Academy, we're glad that he traded in the open sea for the commercial world to captain the F9 retail ship in Latvia.

“I started at F9 in February 2020 - just as Covid restrictions were kicking in. Working from home was a unique opportunity to really get to know the job, our customers, and the market...and my colleagues are so friendly and supportive that I soon learned everything remotely and could work independently with ease.

Recruited as SMB manager, I was soon promoted to retail manager. Although I had a customer-facing retail background, F9's distribution and B2B was a new sector…yet a natural career progression.

My typical work day? Well I'm focused on developing relationships with customers. That means listening to them and developing new solutions to daily sales situations. Because this sector is developing fast, and so are the associated challenges. I like the high degree of communication - that really suits my character, because I'm naturally interested and inquisitive.

I appreciate the lack of bureaucracy and rulebooks - it's easier to develop your own working style, plan your time, and achieve objectives in your own way. Time flies fast because it's so dynamic.

Thinking about F9 as a career opportunity? Come and try, and you’ll soon be thanking me."

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Henry, F9 Estonia

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Henry started his F9 journey in March 2019 as an account manager, before becoming Lenovo's sales manager.

“I really wanted to work in the IT sector - so I applied to several high profile companies. But I was really impressed with F9 - their vision for management, ideas, and values - I was glad to accept their job offer.

Every day I'm busy with Lenovo Sales in Estonia, cooperating with salespeople, and contacting with our customers. Strong communication is extremely important.

Although I studied production and marketing, I was always drawn towards in IT field- and my job enables me to leverage that university knowledge while developing my skills in the field that attracts me.

Working at F9 is like being in a big family. I like the workplace environment - it has a relaxed atmosphere, people are always willing to help, there's a community vibe without corporate rigidity. And my work is a continual process of self-improvement and learning. My communication skills are finely-tuned and focused, so I'm ideally equipped to get wins from challenging situations.

Are you thinking about joining us at F9 Distribution? You can look forward to thorough training and friendly support from colleagues. Doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience, everyone is welcome to apply!”

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Allan, F9 Estonia

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Allan has been with F9 distribution since the early days. Beginning in December 2014, he brought a festive spirit to his fledging role.

“I had an IT role in the governmental sector for many years. I knew F9 Distribution's managing director from my previous work - we cooperated a lot. So when I was invited to join F9, it felt a natural step up and a logical decision to join this company.

In F9's early days, there was a tremendous amount to do - setting up and managing a sales company, multiple roles and responsibilities. My task eventually became to take under my control product management; I started with Samsung signage, and now I'm responsible for eight vendors. I oversee pricing, stock, and ensure that those products are available across the Baltics. Daily duties include negotiations with customers, vendors, logistics, finance, and the sales team.

I really like that we're an international company - I have so many opportunities to connect with different cultures and nationalities every day. That's a huge bonus.

The best lesson I’ve learned at F9 is to get things done constructively and in a calm manner - minimizing stress and maximising patience.

Looking ahead, it's important to defuse stress to seamlessly switch between tasks. Patience can also be a virtue - with a good pitch and presentation, time is on our side. We support positivity and a light-hearted approach - humour makes the workplace welcoming, warm and inviting.”

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Ina, F9 Lithuania

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Ina joined F9 in May 2017, and since that time she has progressed from her role as a finance assistant to leading finance team.

“A former colleague recommended me to join the F9 team as a finance team assistant. After overseeing purchase accounts for a year, I became the margin controller - which necessitated regular communication with colleagues and vendors. I've led the finance department since mid-2022, and I’m super happy with my career. F9 is such a rewarding place where to work! I'm responsible for all financial ledgers - the clear, correct, and reliable management of the company's accounts, and the presentation and analysis of financial indicators. I really enjoy communicating about finance and providing assistance to colleagues. We have a great team!

I really like F9's friendly vibe - every day starts with the team enjoying coffee, small-talk, and laughs together...which perfectly sets us up for the challenges and targets for the day ahead...naturally, with short inspiration breaks for table football and chats, of course 😊

My biggest discovery at F9 was - power of communication! Which might sound obvious, but I really find out and understood the meaning of talking to people!

I’d definitely encourage people to join the F9 Distribution Baltic Team. We work hard to achieve our goals by accepting and overcoming challenges. We value initiative and independence - and along the way you'll have a lot of fun and really enjoy the super-supportive atmosphere."

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Honorata, F9 Lithuania

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Joined F9 in November of 2017 as sales assistant, now she's an account manager.

""I've always been passionate about innovation, technology, and teams. Although I started out here as a sales assistant, I've since been promoted to account manager for SMB customers. Everything connects at F9 😊

A typical day? Speaking with customers and product managers, answering their questions, and resolving requests about orders, prices, and the optimal product for customers.

The F9 atmosphere is relaxed, without the typical heavy corporate feel (although we're an international corporate company!). When you're having another super-busy day, it's great to have this team around to lighten the mood, add perspective, and offer fresh insights.

So if you're motivated, easy going, hard-working, and team-oriented with the ability to work independently to achieve your goals...APPLY ;)

Our team is funny, charismatic, friendly, and open-minded. Although we have different backgrounds and characters, by working together to achieve clear goals we make a great team!"

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